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Sermons from Debbie Griffin, a progressive feminist preacher in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. LGBTQ + Affirming. #BlackLivesMatter

Jul 23, 2018

The loves of God have been on display throughout the story of Ruth. In the final chapter, it is romantic and redemptive love that take center stage.


Jul 23, 2018

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is often told as a parable of judgement against the LGBTQ+ community. But a closer reading of the text reveals that it is more concerned with the denial of love than the sharing of it.

fb: Sodom and Gomorrah have oft been used to wield judgement on LGBTQ+ people. But what if that message...

Jul 9, 2018

The third chapter of Ruth bears testament to the ways poverty, power, and gender overlap in noxious ways. But it also gives us a story of subversive, willful choice that displays the complicated and varied forms that love and family can take.